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age 26 

Thanks to my journey with Beatrice I have become more conscious of my body and what is good for it. I learned to reflect on myself and on my choices before eating in a compulsive way. Most of all I learned to love myself, to dedicate time to myself and also to cook meals even if was alone. Before meeting Beatrice, I was mainly eating junk food, I never prepared a lunch for myself because I thought it was a waste of time. Now I regret this because I was unconsciously neglecting myself.


age 35 

Beatrice was crucial in helping me to understand how certain foods act in my body scientifically. It is not just a matter of calories, but of transformations, or processes that facilitate (or prevent) the absorption of some substances. I have a very rational mind, and this scientific approach appealed to me. Beatrice is good at this: she understands people and interact with everyone well. She doesn't want to convince you to take a certain path, but she listens to what you want to change about yourself. Above all she is able to prevent the barriers that we create and the excuses we find to avoid the change. I changed a few things in my eating style, not because she convinced me, but because I understood, for the first time, the effect of my actions. The fantastic thing that Beatrice has is her non-judgmental approach, which leads to openness and trust.


age 47

The program proposed by Beatrice is ambitious and concrete. Ambitious because it aims at individual happiness. Concrete because it offers real tools for achieving the objectives. Losing weight to feel good inside and outside. With Beatrice I managed to lose weight and maintain my results (1 year has now passed). She didn’t give me a diet to follow but she taught me to eat differently and to embrace a different lifestyle. She listened and respected what I liked to eat and guided me to find the right balance between nutrition and movement. She made me appreciate the pleasure of "feeling good" by supporting me during the days when the goal seemed impossible.


age 42

When I went to Beatrice seeking support, I felt welcomed and above all not judged. Immediately afterwards I felt stronger, no longer alone but accompanied on a difficult, long and complex path. The most important aspects of Beatrice's role are her dedication and result focus, combined with understanding and support.


age 38 

Beatrice’s methods are different from what I have tried before. She offers nutritional suggestions but she is also a guide and an ally. Beatrice takes you by the hand and accompanies you throughout the journey until you are able to walk alone. This is the great talent that I recognized in Beatrice. It is an innovative and tailor-made way of working.


53 anni

I am grateful to Beatrice for our journey together. I got fantastic results in terms of weight and gained a new mentality that for me was unimaginable before. I lost almost 10 Kilos and now I feel like a new person. It was only challenging at the beginning, later the motivation that you discover in yourself, thanks to the support of Beatrice, allows you to easily overcome the barriers. Beatrice goes beyond nutritional and lifestyle suggestions. She encourages you to become the architect of your new lifestyle. She always explains the cause-effect correlation behind your choices. This aspect proved really important for long term success. In hindsight, I realized that I did not follow a diet, but that I had changed my habits and created a lifestyle focused on well-being that I will never give up.


53 anni

Beatrice was the only person who helped me to get to know myself better. With her help I discovered why I use food for coping with stressful situations. I had tried so many other strategies: dietologists, the famous points of WW programs, the Zone diet, the ketogenic diet and eventually the intragastric balloon. None of these worked for me on a long-term basis. What I was missing was the combination of tailormade nutritional suggestions and a constant emotional support. Beatrice helped me to find my balance and I will be always grateful to her.

There is much to be gained for your journey, through the relation and the trust that we can build together. 

Beatrice De Gregori Nutrition and LifeStyle Coach

My presence will help you to never feel alone.

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