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Are you ready to lose weight in a new way?

My programs are "Step by Step" and require a minimum of meetings in person or on line.

Together we will define the most useful plan for you during our first free call.

This first step will bring to light your needs and what I could offer to you, together we can define your own journey.

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Programs Step by Step

My sessions are fun, informative and practical and will help you regain energy and trim excess fat. I'm only interested in solutions that work - and new habits that are sustainable. I like to get results!

Initial Personal consultation to in depth assess your current diet, lifestyle and readdress imbalances. We find out how to focus on functional choices.

  Follow-up consultations for coaching aimed at improving lifestyle , nutrition and
stress management.  My constant support helps to keep you on track.

Weekly analysis of the food diary and nutritional choices based on the program

customized  for you

and developed


There is much to be gained for your journey, through the relation and the trust that we can build together. 

Together we'll create your journey

Beatrice De Gregori | Nutrition & LifeStyle Coach

First Free Call  

This first step is precious to understand what I can offer you and to assure you that the journey that we will define together is exactly what meets your needs.  

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30 minutes

My programs are short cycles composed of 5 consultations that you can renew according to your needs.

If you have decided that now is the time to really go for what you want in life,

book your free call.

Take the first steps today.

Beatrice De Gregori

Nutrition LifeStyle Coach

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