Together we will begin a journey where the final objective is achieving your goals: losing weight, regaining energy, feeling balanced, but above all finding joy in wellness.
The starting point of our journey will be your current eating habits and your lifestyle.
One step at a time, during our meetings you will become able to tackle with the changes needed to achieve the results you want.
Who are my programs for?
Nutritional advice and suggestions for a new lifestyle will be paired with a coaching path. This will increase your motivation and sustain your desire for change, helping you to form long term new habits.
  • Do you want to lose weight without feeling alone and having an ally by your side who helps you take a step forward every week?

  • Do you want to regain energy and balance by combining a healthy way of eating and an active lifestyle?

  • Do you have a disordered way of eating and you want to fix the fundamentals with a guidance of an experienced and empathic person?

My programs are for you.
Before booking a consultancy program, you can benefit from a free trial call.

From here we will define your goals, and together we will build a personalized plan for achieving improvement.


My programs are short cycles composed of 5 consultations that you can renew according to your needs.

If you decide to proceed with the program, I will send you a questionnaire to be completed before our next meeting.

 The consultations take place Online or by telephone, throughout Italy and abroad (in Italian or in English).

 The first two consultations last about 1 hour and a half while the subsequent ones last about 45 minutes.

I live in Athens, and am also available for live consultations for those who are here. 

During the consultations, we will create a space dedicated to nutritional and lifestyle tips and motivational activities. We will use a program called Nutritics that regularly analyzes your food choices and gives detailed reports of your nutritional intake.

Every week you will see how the nutritional balance of each day improves.

To benefit from my program you will need to be willing to be the architect of your change by becoming involved in a journey where small steps forward, one day at a time are possible.
 "We can't steer the wind but we can steer the sails"

If you have decided that now is the time to really go for what you want in life,

book your free call.

Take the first steps today.

Beatrice De Gregori

Nutrition LifeStyle Coach

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